Professional IELTS Writing Essays

To gain admission into an English speaking college or university you must pass a special test that measures your proficiency in the English Language.  A passing score or better tells the college or university of your choice you should be able to handle their academic program with your current level of skill in the English Language.  The two major proficiency exams are the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).  Canadian, UK, and Australian schools require IELTS and American schools require TOEFL, although many now accept IELTS scores as well.  Some students do not know that in IELTS writing essays is a major component of the test.

The Importance of the IELTS Writing Essays Test

Throughout the English speaking countries there are language instruction schools meant to prepare foreign students for gaining sufficient skills in the English language to gain entry into an academic program of their choice.  Many emerge quite fluent in speaking English and they have also mastered the reading of English text.  Yet for far too many, writing remains a major obstacle.  But in today’s academic environment writing has become increasingly important.  Essays and research papers are now part of everyday routine, not just something for submission at examination time.  So the hard truth here is this.  If you cannot perform well writing essays for IELTS scoring, you are not likely to perform well writing papers in your academic career.

Practice Writing Essays for IELTS is not Enough

Many students look for help with IELTS writing essays on the Internet where they find lists of prior topics and lists of the five or seven or ten things you need to do to pass the IELTS writing essays test.  Reading about something is not the same as doing, so these same students begin to write practice essays.

That is all well and good, but without critique and feedback from an expert, practice does not make perfect.  Children and young adults everywhere are eager to have a skilled soccer player watch them dribble the ball to suggest improvements.

Considering the importance of this test, you should consider professional help.  At, we think we offer the kind of help that makes better writers, and not just on the IELTS writing essays portion of that test.  We have expert writers who have passed IELTS themselves and writers who know the grading system IELTS uses.  From us you will get critique and suggestions for improvement from both.   We think that is the kind of help that ensures you will get a great score on IELTS.